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EASYLOG 40IMP - Details

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logger for memorizing of 48.000 meas. values

Now also available as distant monitoring system! Please phone us - we are pleased to advise!


Pulse Registration logger for memorizing of 48,000 meas. values


Examples for application:
    - consumption measurements
    - flow measurements
    - quantity measurements


EASY-LOG 40 IMP/S          

(model with electric contact with PG-glanding and cable)


(model with TTL-signal with Pg-glanding and cable

For short-timed measuring series we recommend a double capacity of battery!



Meas. range: 0 to 30,000 pulses/cycle
Resolution: 1 pulse
Cycle: 2 sec. to 5h, freely programmable
Display range: -1999 to 9999 digit programmable
Decimal point: any point settable
Input signal: passive volt-free switching contact (Type /S) or active TTL-signal (Type /T)  (please specify upon order!)
Resolution of display and memory: 1 digit
Accuracy: (at nominal temperature = 25°C) cycle time + 50 msec
Display: LCD display, 10 mm high
Recording rate: corr. to cycle
Recording period: 500 days (if recording rate is 15 min.)
Storage capacity for meas. values: 48,000 measuring values
Working temperature: -25 to +60°C
Storage temperature: -30 to +70°C
Battery service life: approx. 6 years (if recording rate is 15 min.)
Double life against upcharge (=option DBK)!
Interface: EASY-BUS-interface, 3-pin mini-integral plug
connection cable EBSK01 requested not included
Housing:  48.5 x 48.5 x 35.5 mm (H x W x D) 
without conncection cable and plug 
splash water-proof: IP 65 (excl. prot. cap)
Noise immunity (EMC): EASY-LOG devices have been manufactured in accordance 
with the essential protection regulations about the electromagnetical compatibility (89/336/EWG)
The device meets EN50081-1 and EN50082-1 requirements.
Additional error: <0.5%


Pulse-Logger for consumtion and flow rate measuring, piece counting etc...

Please order separately:

= data sheet as *.pdf

= instruction manual as *.pdf

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Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 265.00

The net price of the basic article  EASYLOG 40IMP is:  EUR 222.69 

Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)