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EASYLOG 80CL - Details

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EASYLOG 80CL: humidity temperature air pressure loger for climate monitoring etc. - Greisinger electronic

Humidity- / Temperature- / Air Pressure Logger
for climate monitoring etc.



The new generation of the logger series

  • double display (i.e. for simultaneous indication of humidity and temperature)
  • up to 64 recording sequences can be memorized
  • large memory for up to 200,000 values measured for each unit (humidity, temperature,
    air pressure) (= 600.000 values in total)
  • various additional parameters are available: wet bulb temperature,
    dew point temperature, enthalpy or atmospheric humidity

Humidity- / Temperature- / Pressure-Registration
(200,000 values measured for each) for climatic application etc.





General informations:

The  Easylog 80CL can be configured, started and stopped by its buttons.
It is possible to record max. 64 recording sequences (= start/stop processes) with max. 200,000 data sets (humidity/temperature/air pressure).
The device can also be configured and handled by the comfortable software GSOFT 40K.
There is the possibility to block the stopping of the logger by the buttons to protect the logger against unauthorised use.
The device supports the indication of units relevant for the air conditioning technology:
wet bulb temperature, dew point temperature, enthalpy, and atmospheric humidity.

The EASYLOG 80CL provides a big variety of additional functions:

  • SeaLeavel-adjustment: instead of the barometric air pressure the pressure at sea level can be indicated (by input of height above sea level).
  • min-/max-value memory: recallable by the push buttons - the highest and lowest value since the start (or reset) of the logger is memorized here.
  • Min-/Max-alarm function: the exceeding of adjustable min-/max-alarm limits can be monitored.
    Optionally: alarm output for alarm message of the logger possible!


measuring range: humidity:    .  0.0 to 100.0% rH
temperature: -25.0C to +60.0C
air pressure: 300.0 to 1,100.0 hPa
additional available
display ranges:

FK: wet bulb temperature:

-27.0C to +60.0C
TP: dewpoint temperature: -40.0C to +60.0C
EP: enthalpy: -25.0 kJ/kg to 999.9 kJ/kg
FG: atmospheric humidity:  -0.0 g/kg to 640.0 g/kg
resolution display and memory: 0.1C, 0.1%rH and 0.1 hPa or 1 digit
accuracy: humidity:       + 2% within10-90%
temperature: + 0.3C + 0.017* (T-25C)
air pressure:     + 1.0 hPa (typ., at 0C to +60C)
sensors: humidity/temp.: sensor mounted in sensor tube (sensor is exchangeable)
air pressure: sensor integrated in housing
sensor tube:   15mm made of polyamide
protection cap: removable plastic protection cap for quick responses
display: two 4 1/2-digit LCD-displays
recording interval: 2 sec. to 5 h
free programmable via push buttons at the device or via software GSOFT 40K (from version 7.15)
storage capacity: 200,000 daten sets in max. 64 recording sequences
(humidity, temperature, air pressure)
recording capacity: 5.7 years (at interval of 15 min.)
reserve energy: approx. 5 years (at 15 min.)
working temperature: -25C to +60C
storage temperature: -30C to +70C
interface: EASYBUS-interface plug.
connection-cable EBSK 01not included (p.r.t. accessories)
Note: By means of an compatible interface converter you are able to connect
150 logger to one RS232-interface
housing: 48.5 x 48.5 x 35x5 mm (L x W x D)
sensor and plug not included.
housing made of shock-resistant plastic,
transparent front made of polycarbonate,
splash water-proof: IP 65 (protection cap excl.)
noise immunity (EMC): the EASYLOG has been manufactured in accordance with the regulations concerning (2004/108/EG).
The device agrees with EN61326 (appendix A, class B)
additional error: < 0,5%


Data logger for registrating temperature, humidity and air pressure for climate monitoring etc.

Please order separately:

  • additional Alarm output
  • interface converter EBW1, for up to 9 modules
  • USB interface converter EBW3, for 1 module
  • Software GSOFT 40K (from version 7.15)
  • further EASYBUS-accessories

  •   Please order furthermore separately:

    = data sheet as *.pdf

    = instruction manual as *.pdf

    deutsche Beschreibung

    Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 350.00

    The net price of the basic article  EASYLOG 80CL is:  EUR 294.12 

    Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)