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EFK2 - Details

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caloric flow controller EFK -  Greisinger electronic

caloric flow controller


The flow controllers EFK... monitor liquids and gaseous substances.
The instrument combines compact dimensions with a integral probe, a LED
tendency display (for FLOW) with dual-colour status indicator and an output,
whose switch-point can be adjusted via a potentiometer.

  • no moving parts in the monitored medium
  • mounting largely independent on pipe diameter
  • low pressure loss
  • high working pressures (up to 100bar)

area of application:

  • metal processing industry: monitoring of cooling liquids and lubricants
  • steel industry: coolant circuits
  • chemical industry: protection against dry running (for pumps), detection
    of leakages and monitoring of fill levels
  • beverage industry: monitoring of cleaning processes

Sensors suitable for: water, oil, aggressive substances







measuring principle: calorimetric
operating range: 20 to 50cm/s (for water)
display: EFK2: 2-colour LED (red < limit value, green >  limit value)
EFKP, EFKM: 9 LEDs (red -  limit value, green 1-8-flow)
switch-point adjustment: via potentiometer
output EFK2: relay contact (max. 30V/2A) NO (open=no flow)
optional: NPN-transistor output (max. 24V/ 100mA)
optional: PNP-transistor output (max. 24V/ 100mA)
output: EFKP, EFKM: NPN-transistor output (max. 24V/ 200mA)
optional: PNP-transistor output (max. 24V/ 200mA)
auxiliary energy: 24V DC + 10%
power consumption: max. 70mA
electrical connection: 4-pole locking plug M12 x 1
working pressure: max. 100bar
working temperature: +15°C to +70°C
mounting position any
protection class: IP 65 (EFK2), IP 60 (EFKP), IP 67 (EFKM)
mech. connections: screw-in threat G1/2A (= 1.27 cm)


screw-in threat G1/4A (= 0.635 cm)
probe length: approx. 29mm (threat incl.)
probe: stainless steel 1.4571
housing: EFK2 stainless steel 1.4305
EFKM brass, nickel plated
(without M12-plug)
EFK2 diameter 35 x 97mm (W x H x D)
EFKP 50 x 50 x 95mm (W x H x D)
EFKM diameter 73 x 81mm (W x H x D)

caloric flow controller, basic price

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