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GDUSB 1000 - Details

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GDUSB 1000: universal USB interface adapter for GMSD / GMXD - pressure measuring sensors - Greisinger electronic -

universal USB interface adapter for GMSD/GMXD pressure measuring sensors


  • for numerous pressure measuring sensors (meas. range 2.5 mbar up to 1,000 bar)
    calibrated, without re-adjustment completeley exchangeable
  • measurement of real pressure peaks of 1ms
  • Comfortable representation of pressure developments at PC
    (PC software GSOFT_USB, already in scope of delivery)
  • no additional power supply necessary, since supplied by USB interface
  • all GMSD/GMXD pressure measuring sensors of GMH 31XX portable device series connectable
  • Broad application area

  • Long-termed survey of pressure meas. values
  • Registration of pressure peaks (e.g. at switching operations)
  • Monitoring of pressure developments (e.g. in the process technology)
  • Monitoring of operating pressure developments in engine or plant construction

GDUSB 1000


The GDUSB 1000 adapter enables the direct connection of a standardised pressure measuing sensor of type GMSD/GMXD with the USB interface of a PC.

The adapter provides 4 channels:
  • current measuring value
  • average since last query
  • max. and min. peak since last query

For the measurement you are able to select between 2 operating types:

Fast mode: (autom. sending)

In this operating mode the GDUSB 1000 sends the measuring values automatically within the cycle time set, after the trigger conditions had occured.
Here you are able to select between the 4 channels, wheras at a cycle time of > 5 ms all measurement categories are registered simultaneously.
This operating mode is suitable especially for the examination of pressure developments, registration of pressure peaks (with pre-trigger) etc.

The adapter can be comfortably handled by the software GSOFT_USB included and has got among others the following functions:

  • Pre-trigger: in addition 200 values resp. 50 data sets before the trigger condition are registered
  • 5 various trigger conditions for registration start
  • 6 various trigger conditions for registration stopp

Furthermore your are able to evaluate and archivate the pressure development by means of the software GSOFT_USB.

Standard mode: (Master-Slave)

Here the GDUSB behaves simularly like a portable device of the series GMH3XXX and gives you upon request the measuring value of the channel selected.

You communicate with the standard-GMH/EASYBUS software (e.g. EBS9M - not included) and offers e.g. the possibility of a long-termed monitoring
of pressure measuring values.


Meas. range: acc. to sensor plugged in from 2.5 mbar to 1,000 bar
max. meas. range: -19999 to +19999 digits
Resolution: according to sensor (up to 0.1 Pa)
Pressure meas. units: mbar, bar ,Pa, kPa, MPa, mmHg, PSI, mH2O switchable, depend on sensor connected
Meas. rate: 1,000 measurements / sec. (=1ms)
Accuracy: +0.2 % FS (at nominal temperature = 25°C)
Registration interval:  1ms up to 10s (at fast mode) resp. according to software query
Connections: PC:
Standard USB plug (type A)
GMSD/GMXD: 6-pole screened mini-DIN-jack with lock
When plugging in a sensor, the sensor is recognized automatically and according to measuring range set
Power supply: supplied by USB interface
Working conditions: -25 to +50°C, 0 to 95% r.h. (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -25 to +70°C
Housing dimensions: approx. 56 x 31 x 24mm
Cable length (USB): approx. 30 cm
Weight: approx. 40g

universal USB interface adaptor for GMSD/GMXD pressure measuring sensors

Lose device without sensors and accessories

  • THE innovation in the measurement of pressure!
  • no extra pressure measuring device necessary
  • numerous pressure measuring sensors (measuring range 2.5mbar to 1,000 bar) calibrated, without adjustment completely exchangeable
  • no additional power supply necessary due to power supply by USB interface
  • comfortable indication of pressure developments at PC (PC software GSOFT_USB already incl.)

Please order the following suitable pressure measuring sensors separately:

= data sheet as *.pdf

= instruction manual as *.pdf

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Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 387.00

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