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GMH 3330 - Details

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A new generation of humidity measuring devices!

One single device for humidity, temperature, flow rate 

  • Double display of humidity and temperature
  • Compact probe for humidity and temperature measuring
        (probe exchange without re-calibration)
  • Plug-in flow rate measuring probe (GMH3330)
  • Calculation of dew point temperature
  • Additional NiCr-Ni-socket for surface measurement (GMH3330)
  • Compensation value for surface measurements can be switched on/off
  • Calculation of dew point distance and enthalpy (GMH3330)
  • Min-/Max value memory, Hold function
  • Serial interface, device can be connected to bus system (up to 5 devices can be connected to one PC interface)
  • Battery/d.c. operation
  • Ex-protection upon request!



GMH3330 probe not included  

Please order probes separately!

(No re-calibration rquired for probe  exchange!)


Measuring ranges:    Humidity:                     0.0 to 100.0 % r.h.
   Ambient temperature:   -40.0 to +120.0°C
   Surface temperature: -80.0 to +250.0°C
   Flow rate: depending on STS probe
Resolution:  0.1 % r.h.
 0.1 °C / 0.1 °F
 0.1 m/sec.
Accuracy (device):  (±1 digit, at nominal temperature)
    Humidity:                                     ±0. 1 %
    Ambient temperature: (Pt1000): +0.2%
    Surface temperature (NiCr-Ni): ±0.5% v.M. ±0.5°C
    Flow rate:                                    ±0.1 %
Probes: TFS0100 - No calibration required for exchange of humidity/temperature or flow rate probe 
Probe connection: 6-pin screened Mini-DIN-socket
NiCr-Ni-connection: Miniature flat-pin plug
Display:  2 four digit LCDs (12.4mm resp. 7mm high) for humidity and temperature (dew point etc.), min./max. values, hold function, etc.
       as well as additional functional arrows.
Working temperature:  -25 to +50°C
Relative humidity: 0 to 95% r.h., non-condensing
Storage temperature:  -25 to +70°C
Min-/Max value memory: memorizing of min. and max. values for humidity, temperature, dew point etc..
Hold function: by pressing a button the current meas. value and the corresponding temperature will be 'frozen'.
Pushbuttons: 6 membrane keys for ON/OFF-switch, selection of measuring range, min- and max-value memory, hold-function, etc.
Interface:  serial interface (3.5mm jack connector) direct connection to RS232 interface of a PC via electrically isolated interface adapter GRS 3100 or GRS3105 (p.r.t. accessories).
Power supply:  9V battery, type IEC 6F22 (included) as well as additional d.c. connector (internal pin diameter1.9 mm) for external 10.5-12 V direct voltage supply (Suitable power supply: GNG10/3000)
Low battery warning:  'BAT'
Power-Off-Function:  Device will be automatically  switched off, if no key is pressed/ no interface communication takes place for the time of the power-off delay. 
    The power-off delay can be set to values between 1 and 120 min.; it can be completely deactivated.
Power consumption:  approx. 2.5 mA (with TFS 0100)
Dimensions (device):  142 x 71 x 26 mm (L x W x D) 
Housing Impact-resistant ABS plastic housing, membrane keyboard, transparent panel. 
    Front side IP65, integrated pop-up clip for table top or suspended use.
Weight:  approx. 160 g (battery incl.)
Calculation of dew point:  Dew point temperature calculation based upon current humidity
   and  temperature values.
Adjustment of atmospheric humidity measurements: TFS0100 type probes can be adjusted by means of a humidity normal line to compensate for sensor drift.
NiCr-Ni temperature measuring:  any standard NiCr-Ni-probe can be plugged in. For surface meas. we recommend GOF130VE. A compensation value (to compensate for the loss when transferring heat from the meas. object to the probe) can be set and switched on/off for surface meas, if necessary
Calculation of dew point distance: The dew point distance between the ambient atmosphere and e.g. a wall  surface can be displayed by means of a surface measurement.
Calculation of enthalpy: The enthalpy calculation gives the thermal content h of the air.
Flow measurements:    Two different systems for averaging are integrated:
    - continuous averaging: The average value displayed is calculated using the last measurements
                during the averaging time set.
   - averaging upon request: As soon as the device  has been switched on or the hold-key has
                been pressed, the device starts averaging for the averaging time set.
                During measuring the current measuring value will be displayed.
                As soon as the averaging time has expired the average value will be displayed, the device is in the HOLD mode.
  - selectable averaging time: 1 to 30  seconds

Combination-device for the precise measurement of the humidity, temperature and flow velocity
Lose device without sensors and accessories

Please order the following accessories separately:

  Please order furthermore separately:

= data sheet as *.pdf

= instruction manual as *.pdf

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The net price of the basic article  GMH 3330 is:  EUR 173.11 

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