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GMR 110 - Details

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resistive material moisture measuring device GMR 110 - Greisinger electronic

resistive material moisture measuring device
the handy solution for wood, plaster and building moisture measurements



  • new characteristic lines
  • automatic temperature compensation
  • indication of material moisture or water content
  • moisture rating (wet/dry) via bar graph
  • integrated, exchangeable measuring
  • material tables on rear side of device
  • comfortable indication of characteristic lines and rating
3 wood groups:
h.01 spruce, pine
h.02 maple, birch, beech, larch (EUR), as (EUR), fir
h.03 oak, ash (AM), poplar, douglas fir
A lot of additional wood types can be determined with the table of the instruction manual.
8 building material curves:
c.01 cement, screed, concrete
c.02 anhydrite screed
c.03 plaster, lime mortar
c.04 cement mortar
c.05 gas concrete
c.06 lime sand brick
c.07 clay brick
c.08 gypsum plaster


GMR 110   

with integrated measuring needles



measuring principle: resistive material moisture measurement acc. to DIN EN 13183
characteristic curves: 3 different wood groups (see above) for 130 wood types in total
and 8 different building material lines (see above)

measuring range:
0.0 % to 100 % material moisture
(depends on characteristic line selected)
moisture rating: in 6 steps (wet to dry)

0.1 % (<20 %), 1 % (>20 %)


wood: +0.2 % material moisture

(at nominal temperature = +25°C)
deviation to wood characteristic curve within range 6 % to 20 %)

building materials: +0.2 % material moisture
deviation to corresponding characteristic curve)


temperature compensation:
automatically or manually
measuring probe: 2 needle holder M6x0.75 with 19 mm measuring needles
(12 mm usable length)
working temperature: -5°C to +50 °C (material not frozen)
storage temperature: -25°C to +70°C
working humidity: 0 % to 95 % r.F. (non-condensing)
display: 2 LCD displays for characteristic line and value measured
power supply: 9 V battery, type IEC 6F22
current consumption: approx. 1.8 mA
housing: made of impact-resistant ABS, plastic foil keyboard, clear screen,
IP 65 at front
dimensions: 110 x 67 x 30 mm + needles 26 mm
weight: approx. 155 g
features: hold, auto-hold, auto-power-off
scope of supply: device, 2 needle protection caps, battery, operation manual


resistive measuring instrument for quick determination of material moisture in

  • lumber, chip collectors and veneers
  • firewood
  • plastering, gypsum

Please order separately:

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