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GSOFT40K - Details

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Software GSOFT 40 K:       

Operating software for EASYLOG and MINILOG data logger (incl. connection cable EBSK01)


GSOFT 40 K is the comfortable operation software for the very easy operation with EASYLOGs und MINILogs.
Almost every kind of measurement recording can be realized by using GSOFT40K.  It supports English, German and Czech language. 
(supply EASYLOG-connection cable EBSK01 incl.

Comfortable user surface - The essential features at one look:

The program is handled by menues, the most important orders are available as symbols. So the use of the program is no problem for any windows user, knowing the windows standard software. Loggers can be connected, started and read out by a single mouseclick.


Display of logger state information:

All necessary information are comprehensed to a single clearly arranged window for each connected logger.

At one look you see all necessary informations about the status of your loggers, without searching for a long time.


Additional entering of remarks:

If You have read out a logger and want to store the data on disk or harddisk there is the possibility to additionally enter remarks of any length for each recording, for example to describe and comment unusual occurrences during the recording.


Setting of the additional functions:

All loggers possess a alarm functions, which can be set simply by GSOFT40K. You can give a clear identification with up to 16 signs to each logger channel. You can e.g. give in the position in a building or further helpful informations; the datas are memorized in the logger.

Representation of the values: Tables and diagrams:

After reading out the recordings the data will be displayed in form of a  table.
With the diagram the data of several loggers can be displayed simultaneously. Additional diagram functions:

  • labelling of measuring values
  • Real time axis
  • Zoom of any selection within the diagram
  • Legend (can be switched off)
  • Cursor for measuring value (can be switched off)
  • Marking of measuring values with symbols (can be switched on/off)

The main target of the design of GSOFT40k was most easiest operationability, therefore just a few easy mouseclicks are necessary to display data fast and dcear. Both diagrams and tables are displaxing the data in realtime, even daylight savings time settings are taken to account automatically. And of course tables and diagrams can be printed out.

EASYBUS and simultaneaus operation and display of several loggers:

Because of the EASYBUS more then one logger cn be connected at the same time at a single serial PC interface. Distances of up to 1000m can be covered. To simplify operation all connected loggers can be operated at the same time. This reduces the expense of operation time and even largest EASYBUS systems can be controlled easily.

Remote operation via conventional and mobile telephone nets

With GSOFT40K loggers can be operated and read out via any distance by the means of the conventional or the mobile telephone nets. Because of this feature measuring values and recordings can be collected centrally covering distances of hundreds of kilometers.

Export function:

To be able to use the logger data with other software applications (EXCEL, WORD, etc.) a flexible export function is integrated. The data can be converted to textfiles which can be processed by all popular programmes.

Automated Read Out:

All loggers connected directly or via conventional and mobile telephone nets can be read out automatically. The pounts of time can be entered seperately (e.g. each day or each X.XX o´clock), the read out data will be archivated on hard disk. The system gets even more reliable and the handling of multiple loggers gets much easter.

Update GSOFT40K:

for registrated users by indicating the original serial number


Windows-Software for EASY-LOG for settings, data read-out and printing of logger data (diagram or table). Incl. 1x EASYLOG-connection cable EBSK01

= data sheet as *.pdf

= instruction manual as *.pdf

deutsche Beschreibung

Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 82.50

The net price of the basic article  GSOFT40K is:  EUR 71.12 

Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)