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GSOFT 3050 - Details

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GSOFT 3050

Windows-software for the setting, data read-out and printing of all data (diagrams and tables) stored by devices of the GMH-series with logger function.


General description:

With GSOFT 3050 you are able to operate the logger function of the GMH3000-hand-held series. The logger recordings can be started, stopped, read in and displayed. It is also possible to operate several instruments simultaneously and to display their date in mutual diagrams.

Data will be read via the serial interfaces 'COM 1' - 'COM 8' of your PC - and an interface adapter (GRS3100, GRS3105 or USB3100).

The software is bilingual (german/english), the language can be selected simply in the programme.

The GSOFT 3050 offers, among other things, the following functions:

  • Display of the GMH-information
    Both the GMH-time and the logger information will be constantly displayed in the GMH-information window; current measuring values can be called up by clicking a button.
  • Setting of the alarm function
    simple alarm function setting for GMH-devices.
  • Operation of the logger function
    simple selection of the logger function (cyclic or manual), setting of cycle time, logger recording start and stop, read-out of logger data.
  • Diagram display of logger data
    The logger data can be displayed in form of a diagram. Itis posible to display various measuring sequences in one dagram. 
    The diagram offers the following functions:
     - display including real-time axis
     - Zooming of display view
     - Display of legend can be switched on/off
     - marking of measuring points can be aded/deleted at any time
     - a new/existing measuring sequence can be added/deleted at any time
  • Logger data print-out
    Data can be printed as tables (complete measuring sequence or limited area) or as diagram (in accordance with the current diagram window
  • Memorizing of logger data
    The logger data can be saved in files and, therefore, called up again at any given time.
  • Export of logger data to ASCII (text) file format
  • Memorizing of windows
    Data and diagram windows can be placed at any desired position on the screen. The setup of the windows can be stored as "view". When reloading a "view" the window setup will be restored.

System preconditions:

- as of Pentium 100
- 32 MB RAM
- approx. 20 MB empty space on the hard disk memory
- CD-ROM-drive
- VGA-graphics with a resolution 800 x 600 or better
- Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 or better
- serial interface
- interface converter GRS 3100 or GRS 3105
- mouse (recommended)


Update GSOFT 3050: for registered users with declaration of serial number of original version


Windows-Software for recording and archiving of the measurements for all GMH-devices with logging function

= data sheet as *.pdf

= Instruction manual as *.pdf

deutsche Beschreibung

Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 80.50

The net price of the basic article  GSOFT 3050 is:  EUR 67.65 

Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)