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HD35-AP-W-E - Details

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basic unit HD35-AP-W-E: interface between wireless data loggers of series HD35 and PC, via USB output, W-Lan and ethernet resp. HD35-AP-W-G: via USB output and GSM module  - GHM DeltaOhm


general information:


The device acts as an interface between the network data loggers at the single measuring sites and the PC.
It receives the data recorded by the wireless data loggers via radio connection
and communicates with the PC via the USB output, the GSM connection, ethernet or W-Lan.
The installation of USB drivers is not required.
The device is supplied by the external 6 V DC power supply.
Furthermore it has got an internal backup battery.
If the PC is not connected, the data logged are memorized in an internal circular memory
(if the memory is full, the oldest data will be overwritten with new data).
  • acoustic alarm by means of internal buzzer
  • configuration via HD35-AP-S software
  • removable wall mounting (by means of the mounting aid incl.)
    or fixed installation(by means of optional flanges - against surcharge)



base unit, USB output, W-Lan and ethernet interface
base unit, USB output and GSM module



power supply: internal 3.7 V lithium ion rechargeable battery
capacity 2,250 mA/h, 3-pole JST plug
power consumption: without ethernet / W-Lan,
with typical GSM activity (*):
30 mA
  with ethernet: 160 mA
  with W-Lan: 275 mA
frequency of transmission: 868 MHz
antenna: whip antenna
distance range: p.r.t. table
serial outputs: USB with Mini USB plug (cable CP 23)
connection: ethernet (HD35-AP-W-E only): permits (at available internet connection) to send alarm e-mails
and the data recoreded via e-mail or to an FTP address (**)
    compatible with MODBUS TCT/IP
  W-Lan (HD35-AP-W-E only): permits (at available internet connection) to send alarm e-mails
and the data recorded via e-mail or to an FTP address (**)
    compatible with MODBUS TCT/IP
  GSM (HD35-AP-G-E only): for sending alarm e-mails or text messages and data recorded via e-mail or FTP (**)
    compatible with GPRS TCP/IP
internal memory: The memory capacity depends on the type of data loggers connected.
The capacity is 226,700 samples if all of the data loggers record 7 parameters.
LED indicators: external power supply connected, charge level of battery, communication status of radio contact
operating conditions: working temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  relative humidity: 0 % to 85 % r.h., non-condensing
housing: material: LURAN® S 777K
  dimensions: 135 mm x 86 mm x 33 mm (without antenna) (H x W x D)
installation: wall mounting for removable installation (mounting aid incl.) or flanges for fixed installation (optionally against surcharge)
scope of supply: unit, battery HD35-BAT1, software HD35-AP-S, wall mounting aid HD35-03, power supply unit
(*) The intensive use of transmission by GSM can significantly increase the power consumption and reduce the battery service life.
(**) In the basic version, the data are sent via FTP with an interval of at least 2 minutes.
Sending is possible only, if there are up to 5 data loggers in the network.
For the full FTP functionality the PLUS option has to be requested (against surcharge).

distance range: HD35-RE-E HD35-AP-...
  frequency of 868 MHz
HD35-ED with internal antenna: 300 m 300 m 180 m

comparison of the various access points:

USB: x x x
W-Lan:   x  
ethernet :   x  
GSM/GPRS:     x

proprietary on USB: x x x
propietary on TCP/IP:   x x
modbus RTU:      
modbus TCP/IP:   x  
text message commands:     x

data processing:
automatical data download in the database: x x x
sending of data via e-mail:   x x
sending of data to an FTP address:   x x

alarm thresholds: x x x
alarm text messages:     x
alarm e-mails:   x x


basic unit as interface between PC and wireless dataloggers of HD-series,

  • frequency of transmission 868 MHz
  • power supply by USB connection of PC, power supply unit, furthermore internal backup battery

Please order the following accessories separately:

= data sheet as *.pdf

deutsche Beschreibung

Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 456.00

The net price of the basic article  HD35-AP-W-E is:  EUR 383.19 

Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)