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HD-2010-UC-1 - Details

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portable measuring instrument for sound level HD-2010-UC-1: complete set containing the measuring instrument, preamplifier, pre-polarized free field microphone, windscreen, USB connection cable, Noise Studio software, carrying case and instruction manual   - GHM DeltaOhm

integrating sound level meter

general information:


The HD-2010-UC-1 is a portable, integrating sound level meter performing statistical analysis.
The measuring instrument has been designed for combination of low costs with easy handling.
Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjusting the measuring instrument.
The user can upgrade the firmware directly by means of the Noise Studio programme supplied with the instrument.
The HD-2010-UC-1 is equipped with a backlit graphic display.

application areas:

  • evaluation of the ambient noise level
  • optionally "advanced data logger"
  • optionally registration and analysis of sound events
  • statistical analysis by means of calculation of 3 percentile levels and optionally extensive statistical analysis
  • noise monitoring (option "advanced data logger" required)
  • identification of impulsive noises
  • measurements at workplaces (analysis of stress by noise and vibrations)
  • selection of personal protective equipment (SNR and HML method)
  • monitoring of quality of production
  • measurement of noises generated by mashines and of acoustic power
  • emission of noises by vehicles

By means of the sound level meter HD-2010-UC-1 it is possible to measure the sound pressure level by programming 3 parameters with the possibility of selecting the evaluation of the frequency and the time constants freely.
The sound levels measured can be recorded in a large non-volatile memory in order to be transferred to a PC using the software package Noise Studio being included in scope of delivery.
The class 1 HD-2010-UC-1 sound level meter with the option "advanced data logger" is suitable for monitoring noise and for acoustic mapping as well as for the evaluation of the acoustical climate by means of the optional registration and analysis of sound events.
When measuring traffic noise nearby airports, railways and roads, the sound level meter can be used as a multi-parameter sound recorder, combining the features of statistical analyses.



  • acoustic standards IEC61672, IEC 61260, IEC61094-4






1/2 " microphone: UC52 free field, pre-polarized, condenser type
dynamic range: 30 dBA | 143 dB peak
linearity range: 80 dB
acoustic parameters SPL, Leq, LeqI, SEL, LEP,d, Lmax, Lmin, Lpk, Dose, Ln
assessment of frequency: simultaneous A, C, Z (C and Z for Lpkonly)
assessment of time: simultaneous FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE
integration: from 1 sec. to 99 h with erasing function (Back-Erase)
statistical analysis: displays up to 3 percentile levels, from L1 to L99
calculation of distribution of probability and percentile level from L1 to L99
  parameters:  LFp, Leq, Lpk weighted A, C or Z (C or Z for Lpk only)
  frequency of measurement: 8 measurements/sec.
  classification: classes of 0.5 dB
display: graphic LCD display with backlit 128 mm x 64 mm
3 parameters in numeric format
storage: 4 MB internal, storage of more than 500 records
input / output: RS232 serial and USB interfaces
AC output (LINE)
DC output
PC programs: Noise Studio:
(incl. in scope of supply)
PC interface for data download, set up and administration of device
licensed software modules to be activated by hardware key
NS4 "monitor" module:
PC based real-time registration, synchronized recording of audio, remote monitoring and data restration,
remote connection also via modem
the program enables the programming of measurements and calibrations by means of timer
and performs events audio-recording by means of programmable trigger levels
operating conditions: working temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  relative humidity: 25 % to 90 % r.h., non-condensing
  sound pressure: 65 kPa to 108 kPa
  protection type: IP 64
power supply: batteries: 4 alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries, type 'AA'
  mains (code SWD-10): 9 to 12 V DC or 300 mA
dimensions: 445 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm equipped with preamplifier (H x W x D)
scope of supply: class 1 sound level meter HD-2010-UC-1, pre-amplifier HD2010PNE2, pre-polarized free field microphone UC52/1,
windscreen, USB connection cable, PC software "Noise Studio", carrying case and instruction manual
supplied with DAkkS individual calibration certfication, acc. to IEC 61672

 Noise Studio NS4

monitoring module (incl. in scope of supply)
This software module allows to control the sound level meter via PC from the distance.

The main features are:
  • real-time display of the values measured, as graphics and table
  • possibility to connect to the sound level meter from the distance via modem
  • registration of data of the sound level directly into the mass memory of the PC (monitoring function)
  • management of diagnostic and calibration functions
  • automatic programms for monitoring and measuring
  • possibility to log synchronized audio records along with the measurements of sound level by using simple trigger functions

integrating sound level meter of class 1, e.g. for generating statistics

acoustic standards IEC 61672, IEC 61260, IEC 61094-4

    scope of supply:
  • device HD2010-UC-1
  • pre-amplifier HD 2010PNE2
  • pre-polarized free-field microphone UC 52/1
  • windscreen
  • USB connection cable
  • Noise Studio PC software
  • instruction manual
  • carrying case
  • supply with individual ACCREDIA calibration certificate acc. to IEC 61672 incl.

Please order the following accessories separately:

= data sheet as *.pdf

deutsche Beschreibung

Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 1770.00

The net price of the basic article  HD-2010-UC-1 is:  EUR 1487.39 

Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)