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NST1300N - Details

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Temperature measuring probes type N (NiCrSi-NiSi) for high temperatures (permanently up to 1,300°C) at favourable prices - Greisinger electronic -

NiCrSi-NiSi (TypN)-meas. probes, class 1

low cost measuring of high temperatures! (permanent up to 1300°C)


Measuring range Application/Dimensions (mm) and response time t90 further details
GTF 101-N03250
 (probe length=250mm)

GTF 101-N03500
 (probe length=500mm)

GTF 101-N031000
 (probe length=1,000mm)

-50 to +1300°C
(short-termed up to 1,330°C)

Probe for permanent high temperatures

Mantle material: special steel with extraordinary resistivity against oxidation
 at high temperatures and excellent corrosion resistance
 in chlorine and ammoniacial environments
 (Protective layer emerges at temperatures above 980°C)


stainless steel tube
(probe lengths 250mm/500mm/1,000mm),
 1m silicone cable, lose cable ends
 - upcharge for any cable length




NST 1300N Thermo-voltage free DIN-type flat-pin plug type "N"  

silicone equalising cable, type N,  2-wire (max. 200°C)  


Thermo-voltage free DIN-type flat-pin plug type "N"

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Price of the basic article, German V.A.T. incl : EUR 8.70

The net price of the basic article  NST1300N is:  EUR 7.31 

Price German V.A.T. incl. plus shipping and handling (p.r.t. footnote of this page)