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STE 020 - Details

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Measuring probes (temperature humidity  flow) for GMH3330 and GMH 3350 - Greisinger electronic -


relative humidity (dew point, dew point distance etc.)

• Temperature

• Flow rate in water or air



TFS 0100 E

Temperature / humidity probe, calibrated and exchangeable


Meas. ranges: Humidity:         0.0...100.0 % r.h. (rec. range of application: 11...98 % r.h.)
Temperature:   -40.0...+120,0°C
Accuracy: Humidity:         ± 2 % r.H. linearity, ± 1 % hysteresis
Temperature:  ± 0.5 °C
Sensors: Humidity:         capacitive polymer humidity sensor
Temperature:  Pt1000 / 1/3 DIN
Electronics: PC board with amplifier and data memory for sensor data (calibration, etc.) integrated in sensor housing
Working temperature: -25 to +60°C
Relative humidity: 0 to +100 % r.h.
Dimensions: Probe tube:     diameter 14 x 119 mm, plastic handle:  diameter 19 x 135 mm, approx. l m PVC connection cable with 6-pin Mini-DIN-plug
Weight: approx. 90g


Surface Temperature

GOF 400 VE

Quick-response surface probes for walls, floors etc.


GTF 300

quick-response basic thermocouple probe for logger applications etc.


STS 005                        

Flow measuring probe with snap-on head, calibrated and exchangeable


Sensor type: windmill-type anemometer
Measuring ranges: 0.05...5.00 m/sec. (water)
Accuracy: +1% or range +3% or measured value
permitted angle flow:  +20°, without additional meas. faults
Working temperature:  0...+70°C
Relative humidity:  0...+100% r.h. (not-condensing)
Dimensions: Probe head:                         diameter 11 x 15 mm
Tube:                                  diameter 15mm
overall length:                      165 mm
required insertion opening:   diameter 16 mm
approx. 5 m PVC connection cable with 6-pin Mini-DIN-plug
Weight:  ca. 75 g 



STS 020         

Flow measuring probe with snap-on head, calibrated and exchangeable              



Measuring ranges:  0.55 ... 20.0 m/sec. (Air)
Accuracy:  ±1 % of range ± 3% or measured value
Working temperature: 0 to +70°C
Relative humidity:  0 to +100% r.h. (not condensing)
Dimensions:  Sensor head:                         diameter 15 x 18mm,
Tube:                                    diameter 15 mm,
overall length:                        165 mm
required insertion opening:     diameter 16 mm

approx. 3 m PVC connection cable with 6-pin Mini-DIN-plug

Weight:  approx. 75g

Spare parts and accessories:

STE 005 Spare snap-on head for STS 005

STE 020 Spare snap-on head for STS 020

GTS Teleskopic rod (overall length 1 m)
            Please specify when ordering - no retrofit possible!




Spare snap-on head for probe STS 020

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