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EASYBUS - System

EASYBUS - the cost-effective way

EASYBUS Sensor Modules


EASYBUS Remote pickup system

EASYBUS Accessories

EASY-BUS - the cost-effective way

Now also available as a distant monitoring system! Please phone us - we are pleased to advise!

Advantages of EASY-BUS in comparison to other systems

  • no complicated and time-consuming planning phase
  • simpe installation by means of polarity-free 2-wire system in either bus or tree-design
  • low-cost, twisted pair cables, 1 km or longer for simultaneous current supply and signal transfer
  • up to 240 sensor modules can be connected
  • optimum cost-performance ratio



EASY-BUS application areas


  • more than 1 sensor is required for measuring, controlling, monitoring or long-time recording;
  • flexibility for future applications, expansion etc. is a key factor
  • a centralised data collection is required
  • the latest state of the art is required to ensure a reliable installation for the future



What's new about EASY-BUS?

As compared to standard systems (e.g. current loops of 4 to 20 mA) EASY-BUS requires only one 2-wire cable to which up to 240 sensors can be connected, whilst 240 lines would be required in a 4 to 20 mA system. Its cost and time effectiveness when it comes to wiring is one of the main advantages of the new EASY-BUS system.

In addition we have made sure that the prices for these sensor modules for temperature, humidity, voltage and current are comparable to those availabe for 4 to 20 mA measuring transducers so that no additional costs are accreing for the user (as is normally the case with other expensive bus systems).


Technical specification:

  • connection of up to 240 sensor modules (measuring points)
  • any cable installation desired (looming, spur lines - any length possible, ring feeder etc.)
  • bus length up to approx. 1000 m
  • connection via 2-wire twisted pair cables
  • polarity must not be observed when connecting
  • sensor module supply via bus cable or externally (battery, 24V DC, 230 Volt AC etc.)
  • interface supply via bus cable standard
  • bus functions maintained even in case of sensor module faults
        (short-circuit of coupling module: 1 sensor module for all other faults: any number of sensor module)
  • minimum planning required
  • fully automatic start-up installation via software possible
  • new sensor module will be automatically detected
  • scan time approx. 55 ms per sensor modules
  • sensor module may be changed, removed or added during operation
  • optimum transmission reliability by means of 'cyclacy redundancy check' (CRC byte after every second data byte)

And Easy-Bus has further capabilities!



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