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Material Moisture Measurement
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measuring procedures and units material moisture - Greisinger electronic -

determination of material moisture with portable measuring instruments of Greisinger

resistive meauring method:

(GMR 110, GMH 3810, GMH 3830, GMH 3851)

The electrical resistance often depends on the material moisture.
Therefore the devices measure the (partly extremely high!) values of resistande and convert them
to the moisture values indiciated by means of integrated characteristic lines.
Especially at the measurement of wood the temperature has to be compensated
- all GREISINGER instruments possess an integrated temperature compensation.
In most cases the contact is realized by nails that are driven into the material.
Capacitive meas. method

(GMK 100, GMI 15)

The dielectric properties of an object are often a good indicator for its material moisture, too.
The dielectric constant of water is considerably higher than that of dry lumbers or building materials.
Therefore the total dielectric constant of the measuring object can easily be used to get its
material moisture. For measuring the device has to be laid onto the material.
Preconditions for this method are: plane surfaces, no metallic components.
indirekte Bestimmung:

(GMH 3330 + TFS 0100E)

Furthermore the material moisture can be determinated indirectly via the rel. air humidity:
IN a sealed room within the material an air humidity is reached being in a relation to the material moisture.
By means of a so-called sorptions isotherme or a corresponding table the material moisture
can be calculated from the relative air humidity.
oven dry method: For reference measurements with highest accuracy the oven dry method can be used.
For this the moist material is weighed and afterwards dried at increased temperature
until no weight loss can be observed any more.
The material moisture can be calculated from the moist and arid weight.



material moisture "u" (also "atro") - related to the dry mass

material moisture u [%] = (mass wet ./. mass dry) : mass dry * 100

(particularly used by carpenters )

water content "w" - material moisture related to wet total mass

water content w [%] = (mass wet ./. mass dry) : mass wet * 100

  (particularly used for evaulation of combustibles)

Digit (GMI 15)
  The displayed value is relative, i.e. without any physical unit.
By this well comparable statements about the moisture at the same materials can be made
Here smaller values means a lower and higher values a larger moisture.

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